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Opening of Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya -

The very first time I had an experience in Vedic cooking classes in Belgium organized by ISKCON Belgium Radadesh Temple devotees. Soon I become organizer of such a classes in Brussels, Belgium, it was in early 2009.Before that I didn't had much of experience in Vedic culinary - I was just a vegetarian since 2005 trying to make my meals how I knew, experimented. It is hard for people who have used meat as a main diet to become a vegetarian I guess.


For me the problem was in a usage of vegetables as something additional. Never thought of combining them as a main dish together before, never knew how to make anything out of vegetables except some salad. That’s for sure not enough for a daily dish. A proper, tasty meal which satisfies your daily needs.In a morning I’m drinking usually yoghurt blended with nuts and fruits. A noon I eat something proper and heavy like pizza, rice, chick peace, daal, bread, etc. in the afternoon usually my wife cooks some mixed vegetables. She is full vegetarian now for almost 4 years as well as our daughter. In the evenings we drink warm milk with spices. It increases good sleep quality and made properly with ghee makes proper ayurvedical spices to influence our mind and body during our sleep.
Radadesh Zoya

As a devotee of Krishna I was from time to time using ISKCON pure vegetarian Govinda's restaurants first time getting know about them in early 2000 brought there by my close family friend. Food tasted strange for me in the beginning. Only later as a vegetarian I started to value its qualities and as a student of self organized Vedic cooking classes found about their Vedic recommendations for spices used for treatment and prevention of different states of our mind and body. I adore the way these qualities and cooking culture is preserved in Hare Krishna movement and their organized Govinda's restaurant.

When I moved to live in Pattaya I struggled to get a simple thing - a daily dish of a quality food. A morning yoghurt shake I could make at home. Fry up some vegetables in the evenings can do anybody also at home. What I needed is a just that simple thing - a daily dish of a quality food for reasonable price so I could come with my wife and friends to enjoy it. That’s simple fact of a necessity of a clean food in Pattaya lead me to idea of opening the restaurant. A pure vegetarian. However, it can never be as pure as if it is offered to Krishna before. And this culture nowadays for public are preserving only ISKCON devotes. This fact was crucial for beginning of partnership with ISKCON Pattaya in order to open Prasadam place in Pattaya where people could just come and enjoy their daily dish - daily prasadam. Where they could eat a quality food for reasonable price. Prepared how prescribed in Vedas - the mother of science.
Paneer Pizza

We talked this idea out and in 2012 December first instalments of a kitchen where made and work was started.In 2013 June it was opened for the first time for however full time operating it started from August.I am very happy for this corporation with ISKCON which gives opportunity nowadays to get that what so important - get back to the source of foods necessity and its purpose.
Daily Dish - 130 Baht. Pure Vegetarian

Shri Krishna Kitchen Pattaya now also as well as other ISKCON Govinda's restaurants are fully operated by devotes of Krishna from ISKCON. Our cooks are over 15 year’s members of ISKCON with a huge experience of making not only quality vegetarian foods but preparing it with love as it is made for only Krishna's enjoyment. Then as Prasadam distributed for our customers. That makes our place special. In this restaurant food is made properly. How prescribed in Vedas. It is pure 100% Vedic kitchen with thousands of years cooking and culinary experience given from ages to ages and now passed by to us. - ISKCON Govinda's Pattaya

I consider it as a great opportunity to have a possibility to also participate in popularization of such a kitchen qualities in a wider mass covering not only people knowing about ISKCON but vegetarians generally and I think that spreading a proper and quality food worldwide could be a next big think in giving a simple thing - an option for existing customer in existing market situation. I believe ISKCON Govida's becomes more and more accessible for everyone. Because so tasty food as as you can get in ISKCON Govinda's - can cook only your mother or loving wife.
Govinda's Pattaya

So visit Shri Krishna Restaurant, Govinda's Pattaya and other places wordwide for pure vegetarian food!
Govinda's Pattaya Pure Vegetarian

Jay Shri Krishna!


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