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104. Ji'Wu temple, Mansarovar, Tibet, China

Ji'wu temple is located on a westbanks of the lake Mansarovar. It is built on oval mountain right next to Manasarovar and so got the splendid views.

Tibetian believes that this mountain the temple stands on is a sacred and has even a name for it. It is believed that some of ancient saints of Tibet Padma Sankhava was staying on this mountain for seven days to get some evil spirit out of it. After he succeeded the temple was built around his footprints.

Nowadays temple still keeps old ancient scriptures and has many valuable statues like the one crawled from Sandalwood Padma Sankhava, which made me think its probably Shankara.

We gave our blessings to the residing diety of this temple and also wished happiness to everyone from this old mystical place.

Jaya Shiva Shankara!
We wish you pure happiness!