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70. Ganesha Cave, Mana, India

Mana is located around 3 kms from Badrinath and is inaccessible during 6 month period of winter due to snow. It is the last Indian Village situated in the Indo-China Border and here are few historical places we wanted to visit and where happy to discover here also cave of Ganesha.

Ganesha, the elder son of Shiva & Parvathi, is said to have helped Vyas Maharishi in composing Mahabharata in written form about 5000 years ago in this cave.

According to legend, Ganesha told Vyasa that he was willing to undertake the task on one condition. The sage should recite the slokas non-stop. If there was an interruption, he would lay down the pen and not proceed any further. Vyasa agreed and the result was compilation of the holy book.

We also did prayers and wished happiness to everybody fr this locked in mountains place.
Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha

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