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69. Badrinath Temple, Badrinath, Himalayas, India

Badrinath - the abode of Vishnu. 3200 m high in the Himalayas, only 45 km from Tibet/China border. It took us 15 hours dangerous mountain drive to reach it.

It has been mentioned as a holy place in scriptures and legends for thousands of years and it lies between the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges and in the shadow of Nilkantha peak (6,560m).

Locals say - this is most important place on whole Earth. According to the Bhagavata Purana, "There in Badrikashram the supreme being (Vishnu), in his incarnation as the sages Nara and Narayana, had been undergoing great penance since time immemorial for the welfare of all living entities." (Bhagavata Purana 3.4.22)

The mountains around Badrinath are also mentioned in the Mahabharata, when the Pandavas are said to have ended their life by ascending the slopes of a peak in western Garhwal called Swargarohini - literally, the 'Ascent to Heaven'. Also local legend has it that the Pandavas passed through Badrinath and the town of Mana, 4 km north of Badrinath, on their way to Svarga (heaven). There is also a cave in Mana where Vyasa, according to legend, wrote the Mahabharata.

We did our prayers in this cold place and sent happiness to everyone from this Himalayan temple.

Om Namo Narayana

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