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62. Jai Ram Vidya Peeth temple, Thaneshwar, India

Dedicated to Lord Rama and Krishna this Vaishnava tradition temple hosts inside of it some ancient caves which are believed to be sacred.

Inside of the temple and its territory is decorated with scenes from Mahabharatha and Kurkukshetra war. Most impressive sculpture for me was how Arjuna - to whom Krishna delivered Bhagavad Gita - killing his own grandfather Bhisma.

On the tenth day of the Kurukshetra war the Pandavas, unable to withstand Bhishma's prowess, decided to put Shikhandi, who had been a woman in a prior life in front of Bhishma, as Bhishma has taken a vow not to attack a woman. Shikhandi's arrows fell on Bhishma without hindrance. Arjuna positioned himself behind Shikhandi, protecting himself from Bhishma's attack, and aimed his arrows at the weak points in Bhishma's armour. Soon, with arrows sticking from every part of his body, the great warrior fell from his chariot. His body did not touch the ground as it was held aloft by the arrows protruding from his body.

We did our prayers and wished happiness to everyone also from this temple.
Be Happy!
Hare Krishna

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