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55. Sri Wenkateswara Swami Temple, Tirumala, India

Dono from where to start this story, so little bit from everything: this is the main pilgrimage centre in the world. Daily it gets 50,000 to 100,000 tourists and devotes. So you can imagine how crowded it was. We went here at 4AM and we got inside only about 2 PM - but how - thats a different story.

This temple is mentioned allready in RigVeda - oldest written work on earth - more than 5000 years old - so temple is over 5000 years old!!! Of course - some parts built new, some left old - but in RigVeda, which is over 5000 years old, this place is mentioned as the only place on Earth where human can meet God directly and ask him his wishes Directly. It is believed that all wishes which has been asked to God in forms of physical writing of the black wall inside the temple takes immediate realization.

No phones are allowed inside or even close to the temple. Security is as taught as in prison and due to massive amount of devotes - even ruder than in prison.
Yes - temples energy is impressive. But ... Let me tell you the story how we got in: first of all - no signs where is temple entrance 2) every guard is telling different story where to go. 3) we joined the queue at 4AM. And where standing for about 6 hours. Afterwards we all who where in a queue where put in a zoo-like cage without option of going back for more than 5 hours. Everybody sleeping or sitting on each other and walking on each others heads. People are treated like animals and from separate cage local workers after 3 hours of lock-up in the heat, delivered something like a food which was grabbed by people again standing on each others heads and creating massive dirt all around.
So after 4 hours of penguinization in the cage we decided to ask to lock us out and go back out - which was refused due to fact that cage must be opened on specific time and its only one way movement..(no comments). There are many cages - maybe 20 in total and in each about 300 people. After getting refused of leaving the cage we decided to climb over it between the gaps from cage till ceiling. So hardly but as we both are skinny - we managed it. All indians applauded to us.

(all mountain is a huge place for devotes - from simple places where to sleep on the ground till modern penguinization centers created by temple administration)

Finally we got in another queue which lasted only about 2 hours and finally we got inside the temple where guards are in military uniforms pushing everyone wherever they can, washing off devotes from temples inside floor with water and even wearing machine guns. So we got to see Wenkateswara murti for 10 seconds and got pushed and thrown out by people and guards towards hundi - so lovely item in hindu temples - a place where you can/must put in some money. Sometimes its a feeling that for temple administration temple is a slot machine - especially in this temple.
So total spent time in a temple territory - 12 hours. Total time of being inside the temple - 10 seconds. However - we did our prayers here. And they felt more powerful than in another temples. Maybe because of temple itself is located on mountain with elevation about 850 meters and its really old. We liked the the temple. But its to much monetized and devotes are treated like fresh catched fishes!
Wishing pure happiness to you from this sacred place,
Om Wenkateswara Nama

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