martinsatte (martinsatte) wrote,

54. Govindarajula Swamiwari Gudi Temple, Tirupati, India

Govinda!:) What else can I say?!:) Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!!!:) Very strictly Vaishnava tradition temple - I even had to buy Indian curtains to wrap myself and wife into them like cobwebs to get it!:)

But results are on our faces!:) After chanting full mala of Hare Krishna mantra, after screaming as much as happy voice allows name of God according to Vaishnava traditions - Govinda; after getting prasad (food offered to God) - we can't take off our smiles from faces - happiness just is in within us!:)

So we also sent this happiness and Blessings to you - we wished happiness to everyone also from this amazing place!


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