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53. Srikalahasti Temple, Kalahasti, India

We went here because of orders of my teacher Vadim who told me that with my horoscope it is a must to perform Puja in this temple. This temple is considered as the Kailash of the South or Dakshin Kailash. Also it is associated with hindu astrological system planets Rahu and Ketu.

No photos from inside as it was strictly forbiden even to bring in phone or photo camera. Many level security check like in airport. Crowded temple. To perform puja we stayed in line only about one and half hour. Puja lasted only about hour.

Amazing energy inside even if there was to many people. We did a puja for Rahu and Ketu planets, praised the Lord Shiva and wished happiness to everybody from this one of the more sacred places of South India.

Be happy,
Om Namah Shivaya

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