martinsatte (martinsatte) wrote,

50. Arulmigu Koodalazhagar Thirukoil Temple, Madurai, India

Sometimes we go to temples didn't knowing what will be inside of it - what we will see there, how easy or hard will be to do our prayers there and how welcoming the temple atmosphere will be.

Even if we where not allowed to enter the main sanctuary in here dedicated to Krishna as we are not Indians - still we had a chance to fully enjoy this temple do our prayers in here and be in this nice atmosphere of this ancient praying place.

We where happy to see also a shrine for Laxmi inside it as the next temple we are going today is 200 km from Madurai and will be for prayers exactly for Laxmi - so we gave flowers to Laxmi in this temple before going to the next one.

We also wished happiness to everyone from this amazing place.

Hare Krishna!

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