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48. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai, India

This temple is believed to be built by one of the main gods in Rig Veda, King of Gods - known all around Asia from India till China - Indra, during the time of his pilgrimage to release him from probable sins he has committed and is dedicated to Shivas wife Parvathi.

This temple was destroyed and renovated and robbed in wars many times. It is about thousand years old, but Many things are built 300-500-700 years ago.

Foreigners are not allowed to go inside the main temple where is Shiva. Somehow we managed to pass the security to see Meenakshi - but even that was hard.

Even get inside the temple itself was hard - we where not allowed to go inside with bag, then we where not allowed go inside in shorts, and after all we where not allowed to go inside the main temple.

But we went everywhere we could. This amazing temple pound is said to be the filter for worth pf reading works of powts - poets are placing here their masterpieces - and if they dont sink - then its a good work! :)
We really enjoyed this sacred atmosphere of this old, huge and massive temple, did our prayers for gods in it and wished happiness to everyone.

Be happy!

Om Namah Shivaya!

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