martinsatte (martinsatte) wrote,

46. Dhanuskodi church, Rameshwaram, India

Being on the place which is built by Rama is enjoyable by the fact itself. We walked all day today that bridge and on our way saw a small and lovely church - standing in between two sea sides.

It was not functioning however we had a chance to see inside of it and give our blessings to Jesus And also do our prayers with his help for happiness of everybody.

Dhanuskodi is the last town road nowadays leads to from island Rameshwaram. Some years ago there was even railway functioning but was destroyed due to tsunami together with the city. Train itself was washed into the sea with all pasengers.

We enjoyed sea side a lot and walking there - just imagining that some years ago this was a bridge to Shri Lanka makes understand the Greatnes of those times gods or how we would call them today - giants.

We wish pure happiness to you!

May God bless you!

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