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45. Kothandaramar Temple, Rameshwaram, India

This is new temple but its significance is due to its position - it is actually built on the land bridge from India to Shri Lanka, according to Ramayana built by Rama to walk over it with Ramas army to fight king of Sri Lanka - Ravana.

The temple explains in pictures Ramayana story part because of which this way was built - demon king Ravana did not wanted to believe that Lord Rama will win him in this war even after his advisors told him so.
Walking on this passage I could just imagine - how powerful was Lord Rama and how much he loved his wife Sita to build this "highway" for army forces which conected India and Shri Lanka and how big was the army of both sides for need of such a wide and massive road. It is hard to understand it from nowdays human point of view.

We gave our prayers to Rama and wished happiness to everybody from this amazing place.

Hare Rama

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