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40. Valvil Ramar Temple, Pullabhoothangudi, India

This temple is runned by one family and knowledge, mantras and hymns of praises has been given down from father to sons for ages. Todays temple we can see is a modern version of temple which stood here more than 5 thousand years ago.

From 6th to 9th century there where some Tamil poets who praised Vishnu. This temple is also included in their hymns known as Divya Prabandham, where total 12 Tamil devotes of Vishnu (Krishna, Buddha) known as Alvars has written 4000 hymns which even nowdays are singed in Vishnu temples around this area.

We wished happiness to you from this amazing place, where as a brahmin assured us - Rama is buried under this temple so thats the reason why the temple is here.

Hare Krishna

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