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37. Arulmigu Swaminatha Swami Temple, Swamimalai, India

The history of the temple known as "Sthala Puranam" is as follows: Once, Lord Brahma, the creator of living beings, had disrespected Lord Muruga (the son of Lord Shiva) at the time of visiting Mount Kailash where Lord Shiva resides. Hence Lord Muruga got angry with Lord Brahma and asked him how he was creating living beings such as people, animals etc. Lord Brahma said that he was creating living beings with the help of the Vedas (The Holy Hinduism Books). On hearing the reply, Lord Muruga asked Lord Brahma to recite the slogans from such Vedas. Brahma started to recite the slogans with the Holy word called Pranav Mantra "Om".

At that time Lord Muruga stopped Lord Brahma and asked him to tell the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Lord Brahma couldn't tell the meaning and hence Lord Muruga knocked Lord Bramha on his forehead with His clenched fists and punished him with imprisonment. due to Lord Bramha's ego. With Brahma imprisoned, Lord Muruga took up the role of the Creator. Creation went better than usual, with Lord Muruga presiding over Satya-loka and Lord Bramha's absence was unnoticed. Until one incident which brought the Devas to Satya-loka seeking Lord Bramha caused great surprise to them that Lord Bramha was imprisoned and Lord Muruga wearing the garb of the Creator. They requested Lord Vishnu to negotiate with Lord Muruga in order to release Lord Bramha. Unfortunately, this attempt was not successful. As a final resort, Lord Shiva then went to the rescue of Lord Bramha.

Lord Shiva came to Lord Muruga and asked him to release Lord Brahma from imprisonment. Lord Muruga refused to release him on the grounds, that Lord Brahma was not suitable to do the work, as he did not known the meaning of the Pranav Mantra(Hindi: ॐ AUM). So Lord Shiva asked Lord Muruga whether He knew the meaning Himself and to tell the meaning to him, for he too wished to know It's meaning. To this, Lord Muruga declared that this was the reason why Lord Shiva is the greatest of the Trinity, as he has no ego and willingly gave full respect to him becoming a disciple to Lord Muruga,his preceptor. Lord Muruga extolled to Lord Shiva the meaning of the Pranava Mantra (Hindi: ॐ ) who like a student listened with rapt attention from his beloved Son.

This important and interesting incident happened in Swamimalai and hence Lord Muruga is known as "Swaminatha Swami". The meaning of this name is "The Teacher of Lord Shiva". The Lord Muruga idol is 6 feet in height. There are golden armours,golden crowns and a diamond lance for the Lord.
We wished happiness to everyone from this amazing place,
Hare OM

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