martinsatte (martinsatte) wrote,

26. Sri Akilandeswari Temple, Karuvaralarcheri, India

I believe today was very happy day. It was very hard to find this temple as its located about one hour walk from the bus route inside a small village.

Temple itself is very powerful and brahmins looked good to see us, with a happy smile they welcomed us, and made some special ritual for us even if all others brahmins where busy of making puja to Nandi, Shivas bull.
We stayed about 2 hours at this magical place, chanted also our prayers for happiness for everybody. For sure this temple was necessary and pleasant place to come even if it tooked few hours to get there by walking.

Blessings to everybody from this amazing place of worship and magic,

Wishing happiness to you,
Om Namah Shivaya

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