martinsatte (martinsatte) wrote,

24. Ramaswamy Koil, Kumbakonam, India

Today is ekadeshi - the 11th day of the moon - which is believed beneficial for life if fasting on this day. Also it is said that in this day one should pray and give his blessings to Hare Krishna, swim in holly water tanks near temples, give water and water cup for some good temple priests - brahmin.

So today we went only to Vishnu temples. Ramaswamy Koil is one of them. It is old and very beautifuly decorated with pictures and Ramayana story. Also people in it where very friendly, they helped us with archana making.

In this temple we also gave to priest water cup and water. But we have not drunk or eaten anything today. And must admit it is not easy in so hot Indian weather not to drink water for all day.

We did our prayers for benefit and happiness of everybody from this amazing place,

Wishing Happiness to You,

Hare Krishna

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