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22. Arulmigu Abimukeswara Swami Temple, Kumbakonam, India

Blessings to everybody and wishes of happiness from Arulmigu Abimukeswara Swami temple which is located in the very centre of Kumbakonam.

Temple is located right next to the Mahamaham water tank, where once in 12 years Mahamaham festival takes place - people from all over India and other countries comes together and does swimming in it.

It is believed that swimming on that day gives all the Blessings of the Lord.

Temple had a very positive but tensed energy which we enjoyed a lot during meditation and chanting of mantras.

After doing archana and prayers for happiness in the temple we went outside to that water tank and found some local rishi who made puja for us.

Cows are amazing animals. Cows in here makes me feel sad - they all day are walking and looking around trash to find some food for one reason - make a milk for us - humans who are not even bothered to feed them.

We gave blessings also to cows.
Wishing Happiness to Everybody,

Hare Om

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