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21. Nageshwara Swamy Temple, Kumbakonam, India

We went today to this temple two times - this was so amazing place that first time we could not leave it for 3 hours and second time we went to make archanas (special prayers) for my Guru Vadim and my assistant ShenSi. (hello you two!:)

Of course we did our prayers for happiness to everyone here, too. That was during the first time we went to. Just some places are so magical that I could pray in them all the time, if only we had somehow time to do it.

The temple is about 1500 years old. Its walls is higher than a coconut palm trees. Inside its energized with sparkling air of mantras chanted by temple priests.

It is just amazing place and it was a great happiness to wish happiness to everybody from this place.

Every year in April they make here Surya Puja. The idea is that this temple passage ways are very long - but Sun in April for 3 days in the mornings and afternoons shines all the way through it.

In some of Puranas - ancient sanskrit texts - is written about ascet named iisha - who was born to a virgin and was traveling around India gaining sacred and magical knowledge of yogi. The lifetime of this person is very similar to our so well known Jesus Christ - about who nobody can tell a reall story what he did untill his 32 years birthday. In this temple - I repeat - built about 1500 years ago - I found a pictures which reminded me about Jesus Christ. Take a look yourselves!

Blessings to everybody from this amazing place. And special blessings to my dear team: ShenSi, Shezhe, Ingus, Ruslan, Konstantin, Marat, Ivan, Abel, Oujang.

We wish to you and all the world pure happiness,
Hare Om

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