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20. Kalyanasundereswarar Temple, Thirumanacheri, India

This is a temple which was one of the main reasons for doing now Vedatrac 2. It is believed that those who are unmarried should receive a blessing after performed homa ritual by priests of this temple for finding a marriage worth soulmate.

During Vedatrac 1 I also visited this temple on a regular temple visit basis and after puja performance for my benefit by local priests got a promise that I soon will find a wife and flowers which I had to bring back untouched by other people when got married.

So I was keeping these flowers for about 2 years - but my wife I found only few weeks after wisiting this temple for a first time.
I really think it was a magical moment to bring those flowers back here to this temple now allready with my wife.

We did also our prayers for happiness of everybody in here and made special prayers for benefit of some of my friends who also wants to get married.

Blessed and happy be your life and your marriage!
Hare Om

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