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17. Wat Phitchaya Yatikaram Worawihan Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Just before getting our visas to India we decided to pop into one more amazing temple of Thailand, located in Bangkok and made during King's Rama III ruling times.

Temple is really old. It was renowated about 150 years ago. Unfortunately I didn't. Had a much time to show more of the temples of Bangkok as my time in Thailand was very limited and busy with many other things - but this is for sure one of the temples which gives impression of Bangkok Temples generally.

It is huge, with a channel way to it, many bridges and one of those rare places where people actually comes and does meditation practice.

Also atmosphere inside is the right one - it really does feel like a sacred place from which just can't go out. As one of my friends once told me that he is meditating not because of he wants but because of he feels like God is asking him to do so. This is kind of temple where literally you can feel it.

We gave our prayers for benefit of everyone and wished happiness to you from here.

Hare Om:)

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