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12. Wat Khao Kaeo Worrawihan temple, Saraburi, Thailand

As I wrote in Twitter - going to this temple was like a prayer itself. I was walking to it as its outside of the city, few kilometres inside a country side in almost 40 degrees celsius.

I was amazed when I saw it. First of all it doesn't look so flashy and renovated. It also doesn't have any "incasator service" by the entrance - it is inside a country side, fully opened for visitors and without any salesman inside - that gives temple in my eyes directly maximum value.

Inside it there is a footprint of Buddha - so traditional symbol in Thailand. And besides the good atmosphere temple is also old.

Located on a small hill, with old stupa on it.
We sent our prayers for happiness of everyone from here.

We wish you pure happiness!

Hare Om!

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