June 5th, 2012

31.Arilmigu Kasivisvanatha Temple, Kumbakonam, India

This temple we went to looks very small and unnoticeable from outside, but its used for Mahamaham Water Tank 12 years celebration as its near that watertank.

Inside is really peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. I enjoyed it for more than hour just sitting near Shivas Nandi and chanting my prayers at this sacred place.

We wished happiness to everybody from this place.

On Namah Shivaya.

32. Arulmigu Someswara Swami Temple, Kumbakonam, India

This is a very nice temple. I would stay here longer if I should not visit some more temples:) This is the 2nd time I'm visiting it. First time I came here only because i saw Gandhi infront of it.

Its really old and surrounded with many symbolic paintings. I think if I would make one more Vedatrac - it would be for search of giants around the world.

In so many painting is drawn that what is written in Bible - there where giants that time on earth.

We wished happiness from this amazing place for everybody and also did our prayers here.

Greetings to my friends, wishing you pure happiness,

Hare Om

33. Chakkrapani Swami Temple, Kumbakonam, India

Located in a suburbs of Kumbakonam with a country style road leading to it and surrounded by local indian houses inside it was full with devotes of Hare Krishna.

I was walking around it and chanting my prayers when one of guests came to me and made sure I'm chanting Hare Krishna mantra, not some other ..:)

Very amazing place. We wished happiness to you and to everybody from here.

Hare Krishna

34. Sri Amirthakadeshwarar Temple, Kumbakonam, India

Athis not so popular but very powerful and full with a good energy 2000 years old temple is located near Kumbakonam in the village where small kids from nothing to do are stealing shoes of devotes.

Brahmins are saying that if somebody steals shoes - he without knowing it is taking away bad karma.

So I hope - also our bad karma was stolen today together with our shoes.:)

We did our prayers in this amazing place and it felt so good that we didn't wanted to leave for a long time after what brahmin came to and even gave a food to us - banana.

We wish happiness to you!

Hare Om