June 4th, 2012

30. Sooriyanar Koil Temple, Kumbakonam, India

This about 1500 years old temple since its built is doing only one thing - improving peoples lifes through prayers to rulers of our Solar system - so called zodiac. The same way as the Moon makes high tides and low tides in the oceans of Earth, we - as 80% water - are a subject of all planetary influence. Changing of water structure in our bodies changes our mood - so our lifes, too.

We performed homa - burnt offerings for Sun and abisheka - washing gods with honey and milk for Ganesh, and all rulers Solar System planets. It took us 3 hours to do everything.

As today was a full moon it is considered very auspicious time for prayers - vedic literature explains that during full moon and moon eclipse prayers has got much greater power.

In the middle of the temple is Sun god and all around it is located small shrines - one for each energy of planet - like Moon has energy of calmness, Mars has energy of aggressiveness, Venus of pleasure,Jjupiter for vision of life, etc.

So before we started our homa we had to walk around temple 8 times chanting each time prayers for each of the planet - local brahmin teached us which prayer and when and how to chant and was guiding us through all the process.

We wished also happiness to everybody from this amazing place.
Be Happy!:)
Hare Om