Beginning of VEDATRAC III - "Gods Lost Roads"

At the South of India is located little by modern civilization changed state called Tamil Nadu. This place is fascinating due to well conserved ancient temples. Not much tourists in here however local people are nice and welcoming. Other not less important thing is that here, in Tamil Nadu, temples are more opened for foreign visitors and dont ask tourists like me wear special robes or to be hindu in order to enter the temples.
Flight to Chennai from Bangkok. After bus to the place I've been visiting already over eight years - Kumbakonam - a city full with super powerful and mythical places. Even water from the tap comes energized from vibes of local temples. You go in a shower - come out - and still after 15 -20 minutes can feel "electricity" running throught the top layer of skin as much deep as a water from shower could soak in.

This place has served for me as beginning of many magical things. Let me even put it in a more straightforward way: there has not been a time I have been to India and considering it useful if I have not found a chance to visit Kumbakonam and surrounded temples.
This city has been a great beginning for me for many things. Also it has served as a city whose temples has ended many things.
Rituals. These magical rituals. Yes they work - there is no doubt about it. I have setup many businesses after performing rituals in nearby temples, found my love of life - my wife just 2 weeks after performance of ritual of over 3000 years old temple. And as I believe - thanks to these temple protection and powerful brahmin chanting of sacred mantras my life just has been changed so much in so short time leaving undoubtedly clues of God's undoubted assistance to it so as a presence of it's spirit in these sacred places.

Also this time Kumbakonam was visited for a specific temples and needs. It's my STARTING point for Vedatrac III which will be a bit different concept travelling from previous two Vedatrac's.

Again - to Kumbakonam I went to recahrge my batteries, give back respect to dieties for constant assistance on my path and prepare for this trip.

Kumbakonam is the town where I first got blessing for Mt.Kailash visit. Kumbakonam is the place where I got blessings for healthy children to be born. Kumbakonam is the place where I truly got inspired by the True Vedic culture. This city general meaning for me is like my second home I miss always, I'm longing for it always and always happy to come back. This city welcomes me as Mother as it has raised passion for true knowledge in me, has made my life complete with things I have always undoubtedly received after asking them in here, and cared energetically for me even being far away. As mother - always caring, loving and inspired for growth.
So - new visit to Kumbakonam - new page in my life - and I hope this page will end up also in one more story book as a result of Vedatrac III.

For those unaware - Vedatrac I was made back in 2009 and it was based on Gandhi idea that God provides enoughto satisfy every mens needs but not every mens greed. So the name of it was "Ascetic Expedition Through Eurasia" where I travelled four month leaving home with just 60 EUR in my pocket. That was an amazing adventure which uncovered for me the beauty of our Earth as I literally hichicked accross 11 timezones covering countries like Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. These expedition notes has made my first book called "Destination: Me".

Vedatrac II was something physically untouchable even if temples where visited physically. During this expedition me and my wife visited 108 temples, where in each of them after giving respects to the local temple diety we wished happiness to everyone 108 times from each of these 108 temples. This adventurous trip ended up in my second book called "108 Gems of Asia" having double meaning in it's name: 1) we actually visited 108 templess accros Asian countries like: China, Nepal, Tibet, India, Laos and Thailand covering many important places like birthcity of Krishna, Buddha and abode of Shiva. 2) each prayer we make from our hearts are gems. And we gave these 108 gems - the prayers for general happiness for everybody 108 times in each of these temples.
These books can be easily found viewed online or ordered at our Satya Project website:

VEDATRAC III - it's been a long way to get ideas, inspiration, knowledge and clues where to look for knowledge necessary to be ready for this trip. As our projects - Satya - Meaning "Truth" so also this trip will hopefully be one more thing which will reveal more facts and truthful perception of things in it's true light. Inspiration for this trip stays the same - Truth and its glorification.
This time focus will be held on archeological and remote site visits, search for remains of evidence of ancient "Gods", getting detailed idea of territorial influence of them, their and their controlled people inter-cultural exchange. Fully happy and satisfied with this massive trip I will be after bringing to my readers some proofs for ancient giants and their relation to Gods as in my years of research and travelling I have found so many amazing things sometimes even my friends finds it hard to believe in.

During this trip I will fully go arround the great Himalayan mountains from all sides besides Indian Himalayan and China Gobi desert part visiting also Western side of Himalayas - nowadays countries ending with Sthan - like - Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kirgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others less known like Baltistan in the current Kashmir region. I believe these countries are not only cradle of our civilization but also played a vital roles in ancient history of the world. I hope to find links that still preserves relicts in their cultural and linguistic forms from ancient vedic times
I want this Vedatrac to give reader additional view point about the things we know how they are today. Also I want that the information gathered in this expedition will deepen the knowledge about ancient gods, giants, mystical creatures, aliens and their nowadays influence to our lifes.

Welcome to join our trip as online follower and we hope it will be as amazing also for you as it would be you who is on this journey of quest for Truth.
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Krishna Kitchen - Some special place to eat in Pattaya

In fact, t's so Special that it looks simple. - ISKCON Govinda's Pattaya

Simple - because we serve just only two meals a day: first one from 11 AM till 7 PM and second one from 4 PM till 9 PM.
Special - are the ingredients we use and ayurvedical receipts old thousands of years which stabilizes our immune system and harmonizes not only bodies but our mind and thought that - also spirit.
So Special - it is that the cooked food is also offered for enjoyment to the Infinite Enjoyer of the Infinite Reality - Krishna - who by enjoying it passes the purity and happiness to the food further given out to our customers.
The food like this is called Prasadam. In other words - Blessed food. So Shri Krishna Vegetarian Restaurant, the same as other Krishna Centers around the world offers not just healthy and freshly prepared food, not just something to fully balance your daily bodies/minds/spirits needs but THAT ALL and even more in one. That is Prasadam.
To understand why this food is healthy is very simple. Because it's cooked on ingredients which are collected to balance your nerves and immune system as it stabilizes your all main energy sources. Different tastes of our food might probably worry you if you have not used for a gravy spiced dishes however once you overcome that feeling you will start to see the benefit of it week by week.
In Ayurveda is a saying: if you do not consume the food as a medicine, the medicine will become your food. So it makes our food to be not only beneficiary in terms of a proteins but it is also less cholesterol and fat free. Did you knew that world’s famous boxer Mike Tyson is Vegetarian? It’s just better.
We DO NOT cook in oil. We use a product called Ghee because its resistance capacity to the high temperatures is much higher so giving ability to cook higher quality dishes. Ghee is a product of cows. It is made from a fresh milk after it is cleared from cream, then blended into butter then purified by boiling it and dividing the existent butter into 2 parts - fats and shiny golden oil - Ghee. So due to this procedure Ghee has been always a valuable product in any house and in Vedic times families richness was even counted by quantity of Ghee in their households. So that's the ingredient we use for preparing most of our dishes.
The spices we use are also strictly beneficiary and also to ayurvedical traditions. And it is not spicy! Few examples can be told like Cardamom - it's a natural antibacterial thing which helps us clean our bodies. Turmeric - there are dozens of books regarding use of turmeric. The same for Ginger which is like the main ingredient. Cumin seeds helps our digestive system and anise seeds helps digest food.
We cook only from fresh and local ingredients. We know the farms we are buying milk from. We make our own yoghurt and cottage cheese called Paneer. SO everything is "local", made with Love, with devotion to Love.
Many people nowadays are worried about where to get a protein. Also that we provide fresh from the top 3 protein sources in the world: rice, peace and beans. It's balanced. All in one dish. So at least one of your meals per day can be balanced and proper. That's what we care for at Shri Krishna Restaurant Pattaya. And that's take a lot's of love to do so that's why limit of this love in our restaurant is spread only on two daily dishes per day so you could more feel it's Infinite Enjoyment.
But there are other good things with it! We have also a Fresh juice bar with juices from only 30 Baht and Lassies from 50 Baht! Then we have cakes, ladus, sweets and free tea! And that’s all healthy, meat free and life beneficiary in anyways.
And we have tasty Paneer baguettes with freshly baked bread and PIZZAS. Even more! On Sunday you can come and enjoy mix of different pizzas and enjoy them with fresh mango lassies or ginger lemon tea.


Opening of Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Pattaya -

The very first time I had an experience in Vedic cooking classes in Belgium organized by ISKCON Belgium Radadesh Temple devotees. Soon I become organizer of such a classes in Brussels, Belgium, it was in early 2009.Before that I didn't had much of experience in Vedic culinary - I was just a vegetarian since 2005 trying to make my meals how I knew, experimented. It is hard for people who have used meat as a main diet to become a vegetarian I guess.


For me the problem was in a usage of vegetables as something additional. Never thought of combining them as a main dish together before, never knew how to make anything out of vegetables except some salad. That’s for sure not enough for a daily dish. A proper, tasty meal which satisfies your daily needs.In a morning I’m drinking usually yoghurt blended with nuts and fruits. A noon I eat something proper and heavy like pizza, rice, chick peace, daal, bread, etc. in the afternoon usually my wife cooks some mixed vegetables. She is full vegetarian now for almost 4 years as well as our daughter. In the evenings we drink warm milk with spices. It increases good sleep quality and made properly with ghee makes proper ayurvedical spices to influence our mind and body during our sleep.
Radadesh Zoya

As a devotee of Krishna I was from time to time using ISKCON pure vegetarian Govinda's restaurants first time getting know about them in early 2000 brought there by my close family friend. Food tasted strange for me in the beginning. Only later as a vegetarian I started to value its qualities and as a student of self organized Vedic cooking classes found about their Vedic recommendations for spices used for treatment and prevention of different states of our mind and body. I adore the way these qualities and cooking culture is preserved in Hare Krishna movement and their organized Govinda's restaurant.

When I moved to live in Pattaya I struggled to get a simple thing - a daily dish of a quality food. A morning yoghurt shake I could make at home. Fry up some vegetables in the evenings can do anybody also at home. What I needed is a just that simple thing - a daily dish of a quality food for reasonable price so I could come with my wife and friends to enjoy it. That’s simple fact of a necessity of a clean food in Pattaya lead me to idea of opening the restaurant. A pure vegetarian. However, it can never be as pure as if it is offered to Krishna before. And this culture nowadays for public are preserving only ISKCON devotes. This fact was crucial for beginning of partnership with ISKCON Pattaya in order to open Prasadam place in Pattaya where people could just come and enjoy their daily dish - daily prasadam. Where they could eat a quality food for reasonable price. Prepared how prescribed in Vedas - the mother of science.
Paneer Pizza

We talked this idea out and in 2012 December first instalments of a kitchen where made and work was started.In 2013 June it was opened for the first time for however full time operating it started from August.I am very happy for this corporation with ISKCON which gives opportunity nowadays to get that what so important - get back to the source of foods necessity and its purpose.
Daily Dish - 130 Baht. Pure Vegetarian

Shri Krishna Kitchen Pattaya now also as well as other ISKCON Govinda's restaurants are fully operated by devotes of Krishna from ISKCON. Our cooks are over 15 year’s members of ISKCON with a huge experience of making not only quality vegetarian foods but preparing it with love as it is made for only Krishna's enjoyment. Then as Prasadam distributed for our customers. That makes our place special. In this restaurant food is made properly. How prescribed in Vedas. It is pure 100% Vedic kitchen with thousands of years cooking and culinary experience given from ages to ages and now passed by to us. - ISKCON Govinda's Pattaya

I consider it as a great opportunity to have a possibility to also participate in popularization of such a kitchen qualities in a wider mass covering not only people knowing about ISKCON but vegetarians generally and I think that spreading a proper and quality food worldwide could be a next big think in giving a simple thing - an option for existing customer in existing market situation. I believe ISKCON Govida's becomes more and more accessible for everyone. Because so tasty food as as you can get in ISKCON Govinda's - can cook only your mother or loving wife.
Govinda's Pattaya

So visit Shri Krishna Restaurant, Govinda's Pattaya and other places wordwide for pure vegetarian food!
Govinda's Pattaya Pure Vegetarian

Jay Shri Krishna!


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108. Kailash Parikrama, Tibet, China

Mount Kailash is 6740 meters high and is situated to the North of Himalayan barrier within Tibet. It has four perfect faces each of them pointing different directions.

Kailash predates almost all religious pilgrimages in the world as its mention in Vedas 5000-7000 years ago. In the Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “Among the mountains, I am Meru.”

The Vishnu Purana describes how the world is made up of seven continents ringed by seven oceans — “The central continent has Meru at its core, bounded by three mountain ranges to the north and three to the south. (one of these ranges is the Himalayan barrier, interposed between Meru and ‘Bharatha’ (Indian subcontinent)). Meru itself stands eighty-four thousand leagues high, with four faces of crystal, ruby, gold and lapis lazuli. Ganga falls from the heavens on Meru’s summit, circles the mountain and then divides into four mighty rivers which flow to the four quarters of the earth".

Kailash is decribed as a pillar whose roots are in deepest hell and its summit kissing the heaven above. On the top lives the most revered God, Shiva and his consort Parvati. It is isolated from other High mountain peaks in the area and is surrounded by small peaks. This exceptional isolation and its peculiar contours of black granite makes the Mountain to stand apart and give the appearance of Shivalinga.

In ancient scriptures is mentioned that parikrama or circling around Mt. Kailash cleans away all sins. Usually pilgrims take 3 days to complete the 52 km of the Parikrama by foot but somehow I wanted to do it "old style" - according to the scriptures - and did it in one day, which also happened to be on Ekadeshi, so without eating, starting my trip at 3AM and finishing it around 9PM.

Mt. Kailash is my last destination for Vedatrac 2 - 108 temples of Asia which included prayers for your happiness in these places. Also in Kailash I gave my prayers to Gods and by receiving their blessings passed it on to all of our human race by wishing happiness to everyone.

Must admit that Kailash Parikrama was the hardest point of all 108 temples. It is unbelievable physically hard, long, high-altitude, lack of oxygen, constant weather changes, cold and max hard trip with rain, snow and ice balls falling constantly from the sky.

I would divide it in 3 parts - 1) I started it from Darchan. About 5 hours it was smooth ups and downs. 2) then it started constant up the hill from 5200 m for about 7 hours finalizing at Dromala Path at altitude 6200 m which is just.. I don't have words how hard, especially after already teen hours of trekking. 3) And then it goes about 7 hours down. In some points I had a feeling, thats it, I'm dying now. Very, very, very hard. Very hard!!!! Almost impossible. Anyway, walk 52 km in one day is hard, doing it in the mountain with rarefied oxygen is incomparable harder.

Besides this hard trekking I managed also to wish happiness to everybody from this magical place by doing it from the each side of Kailash mountain.

So, wishing pure happiness also to you,
From 108 ancient temples of Asia
108 times in each temple,
Kailash as Nr. 108

Om Maheshvara Namaha

107. Gauri Kund, Kailash, China

Going on downwards from Dolma - La (Dolma Pass). This steep descent from Dolma Pass is a wonderful lake which is at an altitude of 5608m.

As per Hindu mythology, there is a fascinating tale about Gauri Kund and has been described in legend “Shiva Purana”. The lake is also famous as “Parvati Sarovar” as this was the place where goddess Parvati had acquired her son Ganesha (Elephant headed God).

Goddess Parvati had formed an image of Ganesh from the soap lather on her body and breathed life into it. She placed Ganesha at the entrance of her home as her janitor to prevent anyone from entering while she was bathing. Now Lord Shiva happened to return at this point of time and was stopped by Ganesha. Offended by this disrespectful act from Ganesha, Lord Shiva cut off the boy's head.

Parvati was grief-stricken by seeing it and insisted that the boy needs to be brought back to life. Lord Shiva took the head of a wandering elephant and placed it on the body and life was restored and Parvati had her son back.

Wishing pure happiness also to you from this magical place,
Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha

106. Yam Dwar, Kailash, Tibet, China

Yam Dwar is situated in Tarboche which is approximately 3 hours walking from Darchen. Walking I mean different type of walking as walking on altitude of 5,2 km with increasing to 6,2 km is a rough jogging not walking even on a speed of 3km/h..:)

The exact meaning of the Yam Dwar in Hindi lingo is “the gateway of the God of Death”.
It is the initial point of circumambulation of Mount Kailash. Known as Chorten Kang Ngyi which means two legged Stupa in Tibetian language.

We paid respects to this ancient magical place and also wished happiness to everybody from here.

Om Namah Shivaya

105. Lake Manasarovar, Tibet, China

The word "Manasarovara" originates from Sanskrit, which is a combination of the words "Manas" "sarovara" manas meaning mind and sarovara meaning lake. According to the Vedas, the lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma after which it manifested on Earth.

As per vedic theology, Lake Manasa Sarovar is a personification of purity, and one who drinks water from the lake will go to the Abode of Lord Shiva after death. He is believed to be cleansed of all his sins committed over even a hundred lifetimes.

Like Mount Kailash, Lake Manasa Sarovar is a place of pilgrimage, attracting religious people from India, Nepal, Tibet and the neighboring countries including Chinese with a massive Canon cameras.

Manasasarovar lake has long been viewed by the pilgrims as being nearby to the sources of four of the greatest rivers of Asia, namely the Brahmaputra, Karnali, Indus and Sutlej. Thus it is an axial point which has been thronged to by pilgrims for thousands of years. The region was closed to pilgrims from the outside following the Chinese Invasion of Tibet; no foreigners were allowed between 1951 and 1980.

The lake is also very popular in Buddhist literature and associated with many teachings and stories in Buddhism. Lord Buddha, it is reported, stayed and meditated near this lake on several occasions. Buddhists also associate the lake with the legendary lake known as Anavatapta in Sanskrit and Anotatta in Pali, where Queen Maya is believed to have conceived Buddha.

We wished happiness to everyone also from this magical place!
Be happy,
Om Namah Shivaya

104. Ji'Wu temple, Mansarovar, Tibet, China

Ji'wu temple is located on a westbanks of the lake Mansarovar. It is built on oval mountain right next to Manasarovar and so got the splendid views.

Tibetian believes that this mountain the temple stands on is a sacred and has even a name for it. It is believed that some of ancient saints of Tibet Padma Sankhava was staying on this mountain for seven days to get some evil spirit out of it. After he succeeded the temple was built around his footprints.

Nowadays temple still keeps old ancient scriptures and has many valuable statues like the one crawled from Sandalwood Padma Sankhava, which made me think its probably Shankara.

We gave our blessings to the residing diety of this temple and also wished happiness to everyone from this old mystical place.

Jaya Shiva Shankara!
We wish you pure happiness!

103. Tashi Lhunpo monastery, Shigatse, Tibet, China

Tashi Lhunpo monastery is one of the six largest monasteries of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism. It was founded in 1447 by the closest disciple of the first Dalai Lama Gedun Drubpa.

The total area monastery covers is 700000 square meters and it consists of the great assembly hall, the previous successful Pachen Lama reliquary Chappell, etc.
But the most amazing thing about this monastery is that it contains the largest golden covered bronze statue of Maitreya Buddha which is 26.2 meters in height.

The statue sits on a splendid lotus throne in the 'European' posture with its hands in the symbolic teaching pose. A single finger of the giant figure is almost 1,5 meters in length. The statue contains 279 kg of gold and 150,000 kg of copper and brass moulded on a solid wooden frame by Tibetan and Nepalese craftsmen. There are also over 60 other chapels containing precious relics.

This monastery is popular for studies of tantric knowledge which is generally popular study subject in Tibetian buddhist monasteries.

We gave our blessings to Buddha and wished happiness also from this sacred place to everyone.Be Happy!
Om Mani Padme Hum

102. Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet, China

The Potala Palace is located in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China and is named after Mount Potalaka, the mythical abode of Avalokitesvara, as it stands on it.

Avalokiteshvara is the avatar of all greatness of Dalai Lamas and buddhas together. Direct translation of Avalokiteshvara from sanskrit would mean: the one who has a power to look down and manage the lower realms of our world.

Avalokitesvara has six main qualities which each of them break the hindrances respectively of the six realms of existence: hell-beings, pretas, animals, humans, asuras, and devas: Great compassion, Great loving-kindness, Lion-courage, Universal lightLeader of devas and human beings, The great omnipresent Brahman.

Lozang Gyatso, the Great 5th Dalai Lama, started the construction of the Potala Palace in 1645 after noticed that the site was ideal as a seat of government, situated as it is between Drepung and Sera monasteries and the old city of Lhasa. It may overlay the remains of an earlier fortress, called the White or Red Palace, on the site built by Songtsen Gampo in 637. Today, the Potala Palace is a museum accepting 1500-2000 visitors daily.

The building measures 400 metres east-west and 350 metres north-south, with sloping stone walls averaging 3 m thick, and 5 m thick at the base, and with copper poured into the foundations to help proof it against earthquakes. Thirteen stories of buildings – containing over 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines and about 200,000 statues – soar 117 meters on top of hill, rising more than 300 m in total above the valley ground. The external structure was built in 3 years, while the interior, together with its furnishings took 45 years to complete. The Potala Palace was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala, due to Chinese invasion of Tibet 60 years ago.

Mahayana Buddhism relates Avalokitesvara to the six-syllable mantra: oṃ maṇipadme hūṃ. So we gave our blessings to Buddha and bis compassion and wished happiness to everyone from this amazing place.

Wishing happiness also to you,
Om Mani Padme Hum